Artist’s Statement


Painting is a meditative process for me. I step outside the busyness of life and work with no particular goal or agenda. It is an explorative process. I can rarely anticipate where a given painting will end up.

Initial brush strokes are intuitive. As I work, the painting becomes associated with certain ideas, which guide its completion. Although nearly all of my paintings start out as abstracts, many of them evolve into landscapes.

I have a profound love for this planet. It breaks my heart that our activities as a species are damaging the global environment and forcing many other species into extinction. I find it difficult to feel empowered and optimistic about my ability to make a difference in the face of the economic machine that sacrifices planetary health for corporate profit.

When I’m finished with a painting, I often discover that I’ve incorporated an underlying message about the nature and fragility of the ecology and our responsibility to protect it – though I may be the only person who interprets the painting that way.